I am currently an associate professor in the Environmental Studies Program at Dartmouth College, in Hanover, NH. I am also the co-chair of Dartmouth’s Ecology, Evolution, Ecosystems and Society (EEES) graduate program.

My research and teaching are rooted in the concepts of the commons, collective action and community resource management. I have conducted fieldwork focused on community-based natural resource management in New Mexico, Colorado, Peru, Kenya, South Africa, and most recently in the Dominican Republic. I am currently a consultant for a USAID-funded project on fisheries governance in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

For several years I led the Social-ecological systems meta-analysis database, or SESMAD, project. This was designed to implement Ostrom’s social-ecological systems framework and store information about complex, large-scale systems. The project also came to serve as a repository for important variables and theories used by social-ecological scholars. This is not an active project but you can access our work on the project website.

In 2019 Stefan Partelow and I co-founded what is now known as the In Common Podcast, which is formally affiliated with the International Association for the Study of the Commons as well as the International Journal of the Commons. We conduct long-form interviews with scholars and practitioners about their work on commons governance and related topics. I also contribute to the In Commons blog on a regular basis.

Before coming to Dartmouth in 2012, I was a postdoc and graduate student of Elinor Ostrom’s at Indiana University. My dissertation work focused on a set of traditional hispanic irrigation communities known as acequias in Taos, New Mexico. I completed a BA in philosophy from Colby College in 2003.